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Portrait Night

August 31, 2018


Portrait Night

It's a week before the start of our summer season! Can you believe it? Anyway, this week at the club we had a little practical workshop, a portrait night.


It was a great night and our model did a fantastic job on her first go EVER. Our model wasn't the only one doing portraits on the night (both in front and behind the camera). We had a few new members give portrait photography a go for the first time in a studio setting. Here's a little sneak peak of myself behind the scenes.


I myself went for a single light set up using a softbox to diffuse the light. Other members went for a two light set up using both a softbox and shoot through umbrella.


I believe most members had a great time and learnt a few new skills. Below is some of the different looks members got on the night.


click on the image to see them full size.


What do you think of the images? Leave us a comment to let us know.


If you wish to come along one night, next week will be a good start. It's our chairman night, a bit of a party to celebrate the start of the winter season.


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For more info on the club, please go here.


We hope to see you on Thursday night.

Adam Richardson

Club Secratery 

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