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Ashington in 24 hours

January 9, 2018

Ashington Camera Club proudly presents:

Life in Ashington Over 24 Hours

This year, Ashington Camera Club has decided to run an event to get the whole community involved. Having the community of Ashington taking photos in a 24 hour period of life, work and play in our home town.


Taking inspiration from a project done in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, who did something similar over 10 years ago. The idea for people to take photos in a 24 hour period on the 27th August of life in Ashington. 10+ years ago, digital camera's were few and far between. Now most people have a camera in their pocket, a smartphone. This way more people can get involved.


Over the coming days we will be releasing more information and details of the event. A separate webpage on our site will be made (with the ability to upload your images) giving all the details etc. Subscribe to this blog to get more details when the page goes live. We have lots of exciting ideas and can't wait to share them all with you.

We hope to make this an historic event, a means to record life in Ashington. A keep sake like the photos of times gone by. We all love seeing the images of life in the "good old days" and wish to replicate that.

For now please feel free to share this blog post, informing all your family and friends that this event will be taking place on the 27th August 2018. Don't forget to subscribe to this blog for news, updates and events from Ashington Camera Club.


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Ashington in 24 hours

January 9, 2018

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