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The September Club Trip

October 17, 2017

North Berwick, Three bridges, The Falkirk Wheel and the Kelpies


An invitation from Keith Saint to join the club on this trip was an offer I couldn’t refuse.


It started off well, with a nearly full bus. The weather looked great from the outset, with a lovely blue sky all the way to our first stop off at the Cedar Café.


We all love a nice coffee shop…..especially Kay .This didn’t disappoint with bacon sarnies being the order of the day for most of us.

Then we headed up to North Berwick for an unscheduled stop. What a beautiful place, and the weather which greeted us was just perfect. A bit too bright for photos, but the clouds were starting to roll in nicely from the West and for our trip to the bridges at Queensferry. I have to say that while I was there, I sampled one of the huge Gypsy Cream biscuits from the Sea Bird Centre café…….by it was nice.


So off to Queensferry to shoot the Bridges. As we got there, the traffic was shocking, leaving Keith driving around in circles to try and find a parking space. We ended up alongside a coach and set off in search of our perfect shots. The tide was just coming in at South Queensferry and we all seemed to make the most of that, capturing some cracking images from there. The beach was laden with old bits of eroded wood and an old outflow pipe, which made for interesting photos of the old and new. I must add that by this point my feet were well and truly soaked ,but it’s a small price to pay for a good photo. I’m sure Mandy will agree.


Back to the bus and off to look for a spot to shoot the new Queensferry Bridge. We pulled up by the roadside and set off down onto the beach to have a look. The light at times was just wonderful, casting a really lovely glow over the bridge. I think everyone got some good shots from here, although there weren’t many good vantage points to view it.

Next stop……The Falkirk Wheel. I made my way up to the top of the wheel with Richard to try and get a shot of it lit up. Very disappointing to find out that the lights weren’t working, so we couldn’t get the shots we both wanted. Never mind, back to the bus to join the others who had been shooting the structure from a different viewpoint.


So while we were on the bus ,Kay was asking about the meaning of Kelpies. Ross, in his infinite wisdom, told her that it meant Stepping Stones………a bit naughty, but he rectified this by giving her the true meaning, which is “a shape shifting Scottish water horse”


Next stop………The Kelpies. First visit for me and I wasn’t disappointed. What a sight for sore eyes. 30 meters high and detail to die for. Tripods up! And as Mark Evans would say “HeedsDoon!”


It would be a waiting game for at least an hour until the sun went down and showed the true beauty of these amazing iron horses, so there were a lot of images taken in between.


The wobbly bridge made it impossible for any long exposures on there ,so we placed ourselves along the pool. The reflection of the sculptures was quite breathtaking,as they changed colours in different sequences,from blue to green to yellow,to orange and then red. The changeover time was around 20 seconds which was just enough to capture all of the colours individually.


And finally folks…………Dino’s chippy in Haddington.. 4 out of 5 stars according to Google. Not sure if everyone enjoyed what they had but I sure did. It had been a well-deserved supper for everyone after quite a long day and we weren’t due home until after midnight.


A huge thank you to Keith for the invite and for the safe driving there and back. It’s a pleasure to go out with this club. What a great bunch of people. Thanks for making me feel so welcome.

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