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The August Club Trip

August 30, 2017

So, it was time for the August club trip and after the previous few trips being a little damp this was looking to be a sunny and hot trip heading up to the stunning east coast of Scotland.

Everyone was on time for the bus today but halfway there I realised had left my wallet on the car seat! Luckily, I got a sub off the chairman or my fish and chips wasn’t happening this time.


On this month’s trip we also had a honorary member with us, Christina’s friend Eleanor (eth). I’m pleased to say she fitted right in with everyone and soon took to our sense of humour and joined in with all the conversations… I was a little disappointed that Christina hadn’t mentioned the club rule about buying everyone’s fish and chips if it is your first time joining us though ha-ha.

It was a gorgeous drive and it felt like it only took us a short drive before we reached our first location at St Abbs, a lovely little fishing harbour which is also a very popular diving spot! As soon as we parked up we all went off in different directions to bag the best shot…  as we were taking phots a local woman came to speak to us, interested in what we were doing. I explained who we were, she got a little excited and started to tell me a little bit of the history of the place... especially the lifeboat station.

After a the sinking of SS Alfred Erlandsen and the loss of the crew in 1907 a campaign was launched and in 1911the lifeboat station was founded by Jane Hay,, this was just a slipway and later in 1915 the boat house was added… 104 year this was served by the locals but in 2015 the rnli decided to take away the lifeboat nd stopped funding… a huge campaign was launched by the locals raising over £60,000 but it still wasn’t nearly enough but after hearing of this and visiting St. Abbs Thomas Tunnock, the bloke who makes the tea cakes donated £250,000 to help them and they were able to set up again!

As we were all taking photos a pod of dolphins followed a small fishing boat as it passed the harbour but they were too fast for anyone to get shots of so we went for a cuppa and sandwich before we headed off up the hill to St. Abbs head.

The views from St.Abbs head were incredible! towering cliffs and rock formations covered in green grass. There was a small lighthouse with a huge fog horn and many photo opportunities with rock formations coming out of the sea.. a few members braved the climb down the steep cliff face to get better angles but most stayed where they didn’t feel dizzy!

Coming back down St.Abbs head about 500 yards is a little bay called Pettico Wick.. personally this was my favourite place! The views were outstanding, the rock formations on the cliffs were amazing and like nothing I have seen before, that and the view from there… well I could have stayed there all day but we had to move on to our next stop.

It was a little early for high tide so we took a trip to North Berwick. As it was a hot day there were people out and about and the place was heaving. When we got off the bus we all went our separate ways, some went for a coffee, some a walk on the beach and some to the harbour.

Once we all had recharges we hopped back on the bus and headed to the “bridge to nowhere” when we got there this time we hit a proper high tide unlike a previous trip when we hit a neap tide and it didn’t have the same effect as a proper tide. We managed to get a few shots before we were rudely interrupted by people wanting to play in the sea and jump off the bridge! Didn’t they know how far we had travelled? After waiting a while we decided we weren’t going to get any more shots so packed up and headed to Eyemouth for the most important part of the trip.. Eth buying us our fish and chips!

While sitting on the prom the dusk light cast a lovely glow over the bay, it was a great end to a great day as we ate our chips (Eth got out of paying, someone told her the truth about that rule being made up) and fed the seagulls. really can’t wait to see everyone’s photos from this trip.




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