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Ink Dropping Lesson

July 20, 2017

So this week at the club we tried something very different and new for most members.  Water and Inks.


The goal was simple... fill a container (Fish Tank) with water, drop colored ink into the water and take pictures of it.  


The complexity of setting things up however was the hard part since only a couple of members have tried this before.  Setting the tank up was simple, dropping the inks was simple... Now, there is always the issue of getting the lighting right.  The principle we were working to was 2 speedlights/flashguns either side of the tank, white backdrop and take a picture from the front of the tank as the inks disperse through the water.


After some faffing and messing Chris and Barbara got the lighting just about right and away we went.  The end result from this group included the two below from Barbara Graham.




Not the best quality but that is only down to the condition of the glass sides of the tank (it was an old fish tank which has been used extensively).


The other group were using a much clearer cylindrical container which was throwing its own problems in to the mix.  Eventually though they cracked it and the images they got were clearer due to the different type of glass (a much more refined and thinner glass in comparison to the fish tank).


Lesson learned though, use thinner and clearer glass and avoid using cylindrical containers to help eliminate catching reflections from the flash in the container.


All in all i think everyone enjoyed the evening whether taking part or observing the action.


Next experiment like this will be ice cubes in a glass...  Should be fun.



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