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Model Photo Shoot Workshop

July 1, 2017


Ashington Camera Club meet all year round (minus religious holidays and polling days). We are one of the few clubs that do so in the area. Normally our winter/competition season runs from the end of August to the end of May. In between that we have our summer season.


This is when the club is more relaxed and (used to be) a very relaxed programme on for the members. This has recently changed with members asking for a more structured summer programme.


So that's what I set out to do. I tried to make the summer season more workshop based with a few friendly competitions (winners get a chocolate bar) and a few "How To" nights. The summer programme can be found here if you wish to know whats on. If there is any nights that take your fancy, then feel free to come along. First 3 visits are free before you need to pay a membership, assuming you want to join.

The first organised night  we had was last week were I gave a talk on all the up coming events and what the intentions where for each. Also explaining any points about the night, how they would be ran etc.


This week was the first of the workshops and was a model photo shoot using studio lights. With having a good few new members I decided to take things right back to basics to help teach new members the skills for doing portraits with studio lights. Also for letting other members refreshing skills.


The model for the night was Eloise Jackson and to keep things simple as for lighting, we went with one light and one or two modifiers. Members took it in terns to photograph Eloise with other members helping them move the light and modifiers etc.


The idea of the night was to get members to try new things instead of just copying from the first set-up/photographer. I chose this procedure as I feel you learn more from doing/trying than copying on these workshops. Thats what the members did, they tried different light positions and different camera settings. Even directing Eloise to get the pose and look they were after.


The night was a great success and the members had a great time learning by doing. Next week we will be having a Lightroom/Photoshop tutorial night on how to edit portrait photos. Focusing on a technique called frequency separation. So stay tuned for the pictures coming up next week after the tutorial.


We hope to see you come along to one of the nights if you were ever thinking of taking up photography, been doing it for a while and wanted to join a club. Please feel free to pop along. We are a friendly, welcoming bunch who just want to help each other. Regardless of skill and equipment used (even if its just a smartphone).


Adam Richardson
Club Secretary 








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