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The June Club Trip

June 10, 2017

First of I would like to thank a Mr Samuel Fox, the inventor of the modern day umbrella this is an invention that came in very handy on our latest club trip down towards Skipton on a very wet day….. but we did not let this stop us.



The second thanks go to our engine driver and chairman Keith, we all love these trips and a lot of thinking goes into providing a variety of subjects to capture. Now we have mostly been lucky with the weather but with conditions we faced on the trip this time proved a bit of a challenge for everyone but while we get to sit comfortably, rest and cheer ourselves up in the back after hiking in the rain to our points of interest Keith must be alert and on point getting us safely from one destination to the next and then back home... also a high 5 to Bob who keeps prodding him when he looks like he might nod off!


So we all boarded the Watbus and headed off to our first destination, the rain did not let up no matter how much we crossed our fingers! The drive was a little longer than usual but as ever the back of the bus was full of chatter and laughs and the time flew over.





As we come into Skipton we had a short stop off to grab a quick snack and warm drink, some of us headed to sample the delights from the local market, some visited the collector’s fayre and the rest visited a crafty little café. Once back onboard it wasn’t long before we were at Janet’s Foss, a small waterfall that packed some force! The small pool at the falls traditionally was used for sheep dipping which in turn drew residents from the local village for a social occasion. The name Janet comes from a tale of a fairy (Jennet) who is said to live in a cave at the rear of the falls and Foss is the Nordic words for waterfall it was easy to see why this tale could have been believed with the mystical look to the area … unfortunately we did not meet Janet while we were there.












After the sky decided we needed to be a little more soaked we headed back to the bus where Keith had conveniently parked opposite a fast food van... of course we had to be polite guests to the area and sample what was on offer and we were not disappointed! The food was cooked to perfection! We tried to dry off best we could before we walked a little further up Malham beck from Janet’s Foss to Gordale Scar. This limestone ravine is a sight to be seen, the only ways to describe the walk to the falls is like a scene from a J.R.R Tolkien novel, the cliffs towering over 100 metres high above us as we followed the beck upstream, it was a rainy walk but when we turned the final bend it was worth it! The falls looked magnificent, the lower falls cascading over boulders and rocks carried over the gorge from the more forceful falls higher up in the limestone. With the rain, wind and spray it was hard for us to try and grab photos but we tried to find little nooks to try and shelter as most of our brollies turned inside out! unfortunately for mark his little shelter weren’t as good as he thought as when he lifted his bag up he noticed that he had put it in…. well something not too pleasant!



After a quick was in the stream we were back on the bus to our next stop Ribblehead Viaduct. The rain had stopped by the time we got there but clouds hung low in the sky around the valleys and hills. Built in 1870 the 400m long viaduct crosses Batty Moss and caries the Settle-Carlisle railway and is a grade 2 listed structure. Unfortunately, when we were there no steam trains crossed but a diesel engine with a carriage did. After a short time grabbing what shots we could we boarded the bus for the most important part of any club trip…. the chip shop! We headed to Layburn because last time we were this way we found a great place only this time they must have had a long shift. My granddad would have went mad with them tettys!


Remember the clubs Exhibition will be held from the 20th to the 24th of this month at the word of life Wesleyan reform church, North Seaton road, Ashington, NE63 OJN. This is just up from moo moos steak house (the conchie), we have a collection of photographs from members of the club on display with prints available purchase, it would be great to see everyone there to support the club.

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