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Presentation Meal

May 8, 2017

Presentation Meal

...with a surprise




On Thursday, 4th May Ashington Camera Club held our annual, end of season Presentation Meal for all member and their guests to enjoy. A night were fun is had, conversation flows, rewards and certificates are handed out. 


The night was held at The Swan in Choppington, a great venue with excellent meals at great prices. Everyone there enjoyed their meal with the drinks flowing and conversation buzzing (below is a slideshow of all the members and guests.)

Laughs were had by all there and after their meal and of course, desert (thee's always room for pud!), the main reason we were there started. 

Our chairman welcomed all there and proceeded the awards section of the night with the handing out of the certificates. A certificate was handed out to each member that got a highly commended, third, second and first in any of the competitions.


There was a lot to get through as the standard of images this year has been outstanding. Poor Keith had the joys of reading out all the images names (some of foreign lands) and the rank it got.


After all the certificates were handed out, it was time for the trophies. This year saw a first for the club. A trophy was handed out to each winner of the open print and PDI rounds, the theme rounds and overall winners of the open print and PDI rounds. All with new trophies (pictured at the top of this post). Below is a slideshow of all the winners with their trophies. You may think there is repeats, but some members won more than one trophy!


 At the end of the night we had one more surprise in store for our guests. More so for one club member. The committee had got together after a request by another member of the club to honour one of long standing members. It was decided to reward this member for the service he has put into the club over the years.

The committee decided the best way to recognise, honour and reward this member was to make them an honorary member of Ashington Camera Club.This means that the member will never have to pay a membership ever again while his is with the club. He was also presented with a gift on the presentation night and totally taken by surprise.


 This member has been with the club since the 1950's and has held every position in the club, including chairman and is still on the committee to this day. He is the first person at the club and the last to leave. He's always in good spirit, comes up with great ideas and up for a laugh at any time. This member is Ron Graham (pictured above with our chairman Keith Saint, receiving his reward).


This acknowledgement took Ron by complete surprise and he is extremely grateful for the honour the club has given him. Hopefully Ron wont be the last member to get this honour in the years to come.


Here's to the 2017-2018 season and looking forward to the next presentation meal. I hope you all stay tuned for the next batch of competition images when they are uploaded to the site. Until then we shall enjoy the more relaxed summer season and will continue to upload images and stories of the club trips and any fun competitions we have during that time.