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An amazing evening with Bill Ward

March 17, 2017


Last night at Ashington Camera Club we hosted a presentation by none other than Bill Ward of Coronation Street and Emmerdale fame. Bill may be a very accomplished actor, but he is also a very successful photographer. 


Bill Ward was born in Newcastle Upon-Tyne and since has lived all around the country. From an early age Bill was giving a camera and has loved taken photographs since then. He even showed us some of these photos, all with one thing in common. They all had an element or body of water in them. Bill features a lot water in his photos as he is very much drawn to it. Bill even surfs and if he can, will get close to water.


Bill gave an excellent talk incorporating his early life, his early career in advertising, then acting. All the while taking photos on his "off" time. Bill focus more on the emotions of the place and the way he felt while there than on the technical side of the photos. Resulting in some amazing and thought provoking work. Which has lead him to win an Adobe prize for his landscape work.


The night was well attended with a capacity busting attendance from club members and the public. We couldn't keep such a presentation to ourselves so the public was invited and we couldn't be happier at the turn out and support.


Bill was a great presenter and very down to earth and stopped back at the end of the night to chat with anyone who wished too and even took some photos with people. Bill also had some of his work on sale for people to buy with plenty of people buying his prints.


After the evening some of the attendees took to social media to express their happiness and enjoyment of the night. With such comments as:


Jacqueline Armstrong - "Wow! What a fantastic evening of photography presentation. Bill Ward is an intelligent man who is obviously very artistic in his imagery. I was impressed with the variety and depth of each genre - if in fact it can be classified as that. Mr Ward I take my hat off to you - very inspiring.We did indeed have a great night - everyone roped in and helped. I am so glad to have Ashington Camera Club as my photography family. Best of weather and photography for next Saturday's trip out - love Dumfries but not able to go next week.Stan thank you for sharing such a talented and entertaining Pentax camera friend."

Keith Saint - "I remember when I was a kid after watching a football match on the telly I wanted to go out and have a kick a boot.Last night I watched a brilliant photography presentation at my camera club by ex Coronation Street and Emmerdale actor Bill Ward. I'm now getting ready to go out and take photos at 4am. What a great blokeFeeling inspired"

Eryn Elizabeth Huck - "had a nice night with my Dad. Met Bill Ward (he has done some fantastic photo's) 📷. Seems to be a nice man too"


Malcolm Ross - "what a cracking night ,well done Stan for finding a great speaker,and well done to everyone who helped put on a brilliant night."


Stephen Clark - "Massive thank you Ashington Camera club for putting on a first class event "photography with Bill Ward" this evening, fantastic presentation by Bill that gave me some inspirational ideas and for making burred images hip again. the organisation was first class, free coffee and biscuits at the break, massive pat on the back you you all especially special mention to Keith Saint a credit to your club. come away very happy indeed, WELL DONE FANTASTIC EVENING"


Debbie Frances Hepple - "Most amazing, inspirational photography presentation by actor Bill Ward last night at our camera club! Truly in awe of his talent! I'm off out with my camera this weekend!!!!"

Ross Thompson - "Excellent night.. thank you Stan and thank you to everyone involved in making it happen.. I was wondering how many icm photos will be in next seasons comps but then as Stan rightly pointed out... according to the judges we already are 😂😂"

Of course none of  this wouldn't of been possible without the hard work of all the camera club members who helped organise and run the night so smoothly. Making it the success that it was. So thank you to all the members and especially to Stan Fraser for making the contact with Bill and Jim Bugless for hosting the night on behalf of the club (you may remember Jim from his radio interview on Koast Radio here).



Also a big thank you to both AL Vaziri, of Al Superstore, and Natalie Baldry, of Holland and Clarke for helping to sell tickets to the public.


The next big event the club will be hosting is our annual exhibit from 12th June to 17th June with more details to follow.

Again, thanks to all those that helped to run the night, to all that attended and to Bill for an excellent and entertaining evening.


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