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A Judging Exercise

February 10, 2017

This week we had a "Club Night" where the suggestions for activities is open to the members. This can lead to a wide range of activities from Photoshop/Lightroom tutorials, to knock out competitions and more.


This week out Chairman, Keith Saint, organised  a judging exercise for the members to take part in. The idea given the members an insight on how the judges work, think and score images.


The members were split into teams of five and four images were displayed on our projector. The teams were then tasked to rank their top three from the four. Leaving all prejudice behind and just look at the technicality, the composition,  and all the other elements that go into making a photograph.


Each team then had to state why they thought why they picked the top photo with positive and negative comments from a judge preservative. In total we had three categories to work through, portrait, landscape and still life.


The night was a great success and sparked plenty of debate (in a friendly and constructive way of course) and hopefully each member took something from the night. Hopefully giving them an insight into the great work the judges do for the clubs.


Thanks to Keith for organising a great night and I hope to see you all there next week for the results of our three club inter county friendly PDI competiton.

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