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The October Club Trip

October 31, 2016


That time of the month we had all been waiting for! The bus was full with ad we had 2 visitors from Alnwick Camera Club join us on our trip to Studley Royal and Thorp Perrow. As we set off we were tempted to stop the bus at Sandy Bay as we timed our departure with a glorious sunrise but we were all snug on the bus so carried on with our journey.


 It was a pleasant drive, and the time seemed to pass quickly as it didn’t seem long before we were driving through a stone arch into the National Trust park of Studley Royal. As we drove up the long drive everyone rushed to the windows as Deer were spotted I every direction and everyone was keen to park up and jump off.


Once parked and everyone off we all headed in different directions…. Some off to the abbey, some straight for a cuppa and refuel and some away to capture some snaps of the gorgeous Deer. With a lovely lake in front of the tea rooms there was already a chance to get some great photos before we went to bother some of the 3 breeds of Deer there and it wasn’t long before we managed to get our first as 2 walked right up to the bus!

After a couple of snaps, we were lucky enough to see some squirrels before a stag and young buck had a bit of a tussles over a couple Doe, the older stag quickly gave the youngster his marching orders! Up on brows of the small hills small herd of Sika Deer were grazing and further on were some Fallow Deer but the herd that everyone seemed to be drawn to was a herd of Red Deer resting in the morning sun. There were about 20 Doe lying in a circle and in the centre an impressive set of antlers rose attached to an even more impressive stag! You could tell he was boss as about 50 yards away from the group la another stag, just as big but obviously lower in the pecking order as he didn’t approach the group until some of the Does got up to leave.



Seeing all these Deer mixed in with all the autumn colours was a great sight to see but we were in for a treat with the colours of autumn as we headed to our next destination!

Back in the bus and roughly 20 miles up the road we arrived at Thorp Perrow Arboretum, a fabulous place with many species of tree! In January, the snowdrops flower. In spring the blossoms have a glorious bloom. In summer the bluebells flower and now in autumn we got to see the lovely reds, oranges and yellows of the trees! Walking around was beautiful… the red leaves of the maple with the yellow of the chestnut mixed in with the greens of the firs highlighted by the sun made walking around something special!

While there we were treated with some spooks and witches as they also had a spooky trail on for the kids over the holidays.. after a few frights, a few of us headed towards the bird of prey and mammal section they have there to see the bird of prey show where they flew an Eagle Owl, a Harris Hawk and Merlin Falcon each as impressive as the other and each as difficult to photograph! After the impressive show a couple of us visited the Meerkats, Wallaby’s and Chickens before heading back to the bus for our bus trip ritual of fish and chips! We stopped off at Hall’s fish and chip shop in Bedale for our fill before the sun set and we headed off up the road back home.

 I think it is safe to say that again this was a trip enjoyed by all.


For all the pictures from various members please have a look in the slideshow below.