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Club Trip to Yorkshire Coast

September 25, 2016

Another great sunrise to start the day ready for our trip to the North Yorkshire Coast, looks like we hit on good with the weather again! Off we set heading for the first location of the day “Robin Hoods Bay” a few questions were asked on the origin of its name as it is a fair distance from Sherwood Forrest it is said the name Robin Hoods Bay (known locally as Bay Town) came from an English ballad and legend tell a story of Robin Hood encountering French pirates who came to pillage the fisherman's boats and the northeast coast. The pirates surrendered and Robin Hood returned the loot to the poor people in the village that is now called Robin Hood's Bay.


There was some lovely scenery as we drove, we parked up and began our walk through the modernized Town down the large hill to the Bay which seemed to bypass the last 50-60 year. Walking down to the bay it was hard to miss the steep cliffs that have suffered erosion severely over the years which led to the impressive sea wall being built in 1973. Winding through the back alleys we came to the lower part of the town which looked like it could have come straight from a movie. We spent a couple of hours here trying to get some shots and some of us talking to some of the locals and enjoying a cuppa or sandwich before heading back up the huge hill to the bus ready for our next destination.


As we headed off towards Whitby but pulled over at old St Stephens church just at the edge of Robin Hoods Bay, an old picturesque historic church to get a few shots. Pulling into Whitby the sun was still high in the sky and there seemed to be a lot of people with the same idea as us especially as there was a 60’s day on as well. We all went off in different directions… most of us hunting for an ice cream! It was lovely watching the old pirate ship sailing in and out of the harbour, the old Abbey sitting up high keeping watch. It was a gorgeous sight standing on the hill looking up the mouth of the river Esk and seeing all the boats moored.

Back on the bus we were heading off to Staithes, another fishing Town on the North Yorkshire coast and another huge hill! This time we were able to take the bus all the way down to the bottom to make it easier for us all. The streets became narrow and Keith done a good job in manoeuvring the bus over the cobbles. We climbed another which gave us a great view looking down on the Town and harbour, again this could be straight from a film! It was a stunning place, a good selection of art galleries there too! There was a nice little beach and a few nice pubs, it would be an ideal place to have a quite relaxing weekend away.


Time came for us to move on, we headed for Saltburn this time. The place was a hive of activity, people making the most of the lovely weather we were having. The tide was out which showed the pier in its entirety. With being at the seaside again it was only right that we all had some fish and chips. Sitting on the promenade we took in the surroundings of what seemed like a scene from Heartbeat, the sounds from the arcades, the old style beach huts and shops along with the cliff lifts gave us many opportunities for some great shots! After a quick ice cream, we jumped back on the bus ready for our final destination.

We headed off for Stockton to the Infinity bridge. It was great timing as the sun was starting to set in the sky and the lights of the bridge started to shine, the blue colours looked stunning in the night sky. The wind started to pick up but it was ok as it had been a long day but a thoroughly fun one. I really can’t wait to see everyone’s collections from their own views of the day. 




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