What a start to the 2016/2017 season!

September 2, 2016

The new 2016/2017 season at Ashington Camera Club started with a big bang and a look to heavens. We where lucky enough to have our new season start with a talk from Steve Bowden (pictured left). Steve gave us a talk on astrophotography, the methods on how to do it, the software used and equipment available, not just a camera but telescopes too!


The night also saw a few announcements made (with more to follow soon on one of these) and the raffle drawn with the winner receiving a bottle of wine! Not bad for just a £1 entry to the raffle.


Some of the comments made by members after Steves talk, which everyone enjoyed (especially the pictures on show) are as follows:


Mark Evans - Hats Off to the buffet folks tonight. It was lovely. Great to see Steve Bowden who has been a good friend of mine and Keith's for a good few years now. How awesome were his photos. This is the reason I joined the club to listen and learn about different aspects of photography... Great night... Cheers Steve.


Jacqueline Armstrong - Real Wow factor with tonight's opening night. What a beautiful set of images of the heavens. Thanks to Keith for getting Stephen B to come along and thanks to Stephen Bowden also. Lovely food to finish a successful Chairman's.


Ian Gardiner - A fantastic night at the club tonight. The presentation was stunning as was the buffet.


Ross Thompson - I don't have a bank of wife but I have a bank of Barclays which dictates I work tomorrow do unfortunately couldn't hang around, Massive thank you to Steve! I really enjoyed tonight, astrophotography is something I have always been into and looks like my next option of a new car or camera and scope is going to be a hard one.


We also had a first in the clubs history last night. A member could not make the evening so her partner Skype called the whole talk for her to watch in Dundee, Scotland!

With it being Chairman night too, we also had a buffet afterwards for all to enjoy and it gave a chance for members to ask Steve any further questions they may of had.


All in all the night was a great success and an excellent way to kick off the season. Please join me in thanking Steve from traveling all the way from Scarborough and back in one night to talk to us, to all those that helped with the catering and those who helped set the hall up for the night. 


Thank you to everyone and I hope to see you all next week.


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