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Club Trip to Dunbar

August 16, 2016


Saturday 13th August seen us set off for another trip. We left Ashington at 8am and headed straight for Dunbar.


 Due to the tide not quite been in we all decided this was a perfect excuse for a snack and drink. Afterwards we headed for a small footbridge that had often been shot at high tide as it's completely cut off. Sadly the tide wasn't quite high enough and we didn't get anything like what we wanted.


After this slightly disappointing stop we headed off to a small harbour just south of North Berwick, Seacliff harbour. This is the smallest harbour in Britain. With Bass Rock just off the coast and Tantallon Castle as a backdrop it's a perfect location. Sadly it's the school holidays and we weren't the only ones enjoying the beach. Looking north we were hit with a very strong wind that made life difficult. It's definitely a place to go back to.



On to are third location, Preston Mill just outside North Berwick we had better conditions and enjoyed an hour or so here. Finally we were off to Cove Harbour about 15 miles from the border. It's a privately owned harbour and is like stepping back in time. It's privately owned and like us you could be asked by the owner what you are doing with the photos. When I told him we were a club he was absolutely fine. After spending another hour here we set off back up the long path up the side of the cliff back to the bus.













We were all thinking about chips at this stage and we weren't disappointed. Eyemouth was the chip shop of choice after a previous trip where we enjoyed them immensely. We sat and fed our faces and a few seagulls benefited from the very few scraps. I would rate that chip shop as an 8 out of 10. We enjoyed a great day out and arrived back in Ashington at 8.30pm





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