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Weekly Update

January 24, 2016

Last Thursday saw the results of the Fantasy, Myth, Legend, and Religion DPI round. All excellent pictures with some very creative ideas in there. Well done to all that entered, especially the highly commended and the top three spots. 


Next week we have a portrait night, so if you wish to take photos then bring your camera and a charged battery. Please remember that models come in for free in the exchange we provide photos for the model to use in their portfolio. So could all members who take photos please supply at least 1 photo for the model. The committee agreed that the model would get a CD/DVD with all the supplied images on and a print (up to A3 size) for coming in and posing for us.


Speaking of the committee, Yvonne Cleverly has stepped down as club secretary. Could we all thank Yvonne for wonderful job she has done as it has been most appreciated (not to mention she did a cracking job). Last night the members present were asked who would like to take up the role in replace of Yvonne. I offered myself (Adam Richardson) and vote was cast and accepted that I would be the new club secretary.


A Google calendar for the club with all the dates and whats happening at the club. As we have seen, nights and events can be moved round due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. With this calendar all changes can be made and updated when needed. So hopefully everyone can see what is happening each week, and what competition entries are due. Club trips etc can also be added to help keep members informed. Please follow the link for the calendar and I would strongly recommend bookmarking it on your web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc). If you have any events you wish to add, or want to share your planned trips etc, then please let me know so I can add them to the calendar.


Keeping with the theme of events, there is talk of going to the photography show in Birmingham at the NEC as a club trip. The show runs from the 19th March to the 22nd March and tickets will need to be booked. There are couple of options for travel, we can either hire the bus or get a train. If we have enough interest and numbers, we could get a group booking discount on the train. If you wish to go an event will be made on the club  calendar or please let one of the committee members know which day you would like to go. For more info please follow the link


Don't forget on 31st March we have the prints knock out round with the pictures supplied by Keith Saint. If you don't have the images, please let me know and I can send them again, or alternatively, please bring a USB stick to a club meeting and I will copy them over for you.

Hope to see you all next week



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