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A very successful week

July 3, 2015

Last night we had an early start (06:30pm) to hold a meeting with Councilmen Mr. M. Slaughter with two main subjects to discuss. The first point brought up was the application of funding from the town council. We applied for £1500 for some new laptops and we were rewarded £1000 (with no conditions). I think we can all agree that this is fantastic news for the club. 


Mr. Slaughter then moved onto the second point which was discussed initially with Peter Arris then at a committee meeting. Mr Slaughter proposed that the club becomes the official photographers for Ashington town council at the various events they hold/attend. There will be a retainer of £300 (initially for the first year, which could increase as time goes on) to pay for the events we attend. We do not need to cover all events, but was asked that only 2 photographers go to each event. This will form an affiliation with the council giving us exposure within the community.


Our logo and website address will be linked to the town council site and vice versa. All photos will be credited with the photographers name and the club. With this affiliation, Mr Slaughter also said the town council would help, even write our applications for funds from the National Lottery etc. as they have a lot of experience doing so. This needs to be discussed at the next committee meeting before any further action is taken.


Speaking of the next committee meeting, could all committee members please attend next Thursday’s meeting (09/07/15) at 06:45pm if possible?

After the meeting we had another successful night with a large attendance especially for the summer season. We had one group bring photos in to be projected and a short discussion about why the photo was taken etc. 

Another group had a talk on various shooting modes on the camera and a bit more tuition on exposure and how to get it right. All in preparation for next week’s meeting.
Next week we have a portrait night, so bring your camera with batteries charged and a couple of ideas for poses etc.


If you wish to have prints for the exhibit could you please send them to Malcom Ross before 09/07/15? This will be the last day for prints made for the exhibit by the club. If your prints are ready, please bring them in to the club with mounts, name and titles on all the images (back only).

Our chairman Keith Saint has also heard from Asda, Ashignton that we have been selected for a cash donation along with two other organisations. So get your friends, family and strangers to put their green token in our box. If we are top choice with the community we will be awarded £200, with the other two getting £50.

So all in all, it’s been a fantastic week for the club.

See you all on Thursday 09/07/15, as always new comers welcome (be it novice or pro).

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